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November 24, 2020 3 min read

About one in every five curly-haired girls hates the detangling step in their hair care routine. And even though it sounds simple enough, it is something that many people struggle with, especially as it’s very common to lose a lot of hair in the process.

Detangling natural hair should be stress-free and we can help make it so with these tips:


Finger Detangling

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Finger detangling is a great method to use when loosening all the knots in your hair. The practice of taking a comb to your hair immediately after taking down any hairstyle is one of the reasons why many people often finish combing their hair and are left with a handful or more of hair. On the other hand, using your fingers will allow you to patiently work on separating the tangles in your curls before going in with other tools. A trick to making the process even easier is with the use of oils such as the Uhai oil blend. Adding this to your fingers gives a little slip to your hair and minimizes the possibility of hair breakage which helps you to retain growth in the long run.


Start Working from the Ends Up

Some people start detangling hair at the roots and for most of them, it isn’t always the best experience. Starting from the roots is a very common mistake and doing so causes you to start dealing with all the knots in your hair at the same time which can cause breakage. The much more beneficial practice would be to begin at the ends or bottom of your hair thus making sure that you untangle each of the knots as you encounter them on your way back up to the roots.


Detangling When Hair is Dry

Detangling your hair when it is dry can be quite the hassle. That is why most people find it preferable to add some sort of moisture to their hair when it’s dry to make it easier to detangle. You could spritz your hair with a little water or use a styling cream to give it more moisture. These help to soften the hair, so you don’t have to go through a lot of pain while detangling.


Detangling When Hair is Wet

If you’re about to detangle your hair after washing, you should opt for using a conditioner that can instantly soften your curls and make it easy to work through all the knots. One of such is the Uhai Conditioner that has been formulated to give your hair just the right amount of slip that you need to start detangling either with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.


Dividing Hair into Sections

While detangling your hair, you might find tackling all of it at once to be overwhelming. That is why it is better to divide your hair into sections as this can make it easier to detangle. This method works on both dry and wet hair and is great for helping you focus on one section at a time so you can thoroughly detangle all parts of your hair.


Detangling your natural hair isn’t just something that you do without thought. Especially if you do not want it to be a painful process. So, take your time to look through these methods and pick those that will be beneficial for you. Also, let us know if you know of or are currently using any other practice to make detangling easier. We’d love to hear from you!

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