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March 16, 2020 4 min read

Baby hairs, aka "Edges", have made their return to fashion. 

Some prefer to swirl, swoop, or simply lay them down (They’ll look cute either way).  But how in the world will you slay with an unhealthy hairline and damaged edges?

Unfortunately, most women are quick to sign up for unhealthy hair care routines and hairstyles that are doing more harm than good to their edges. You might not be a huge fan of baby hair, but it's still important to know how you might be damaging your hairline.Remember, whatever happens to your hairline is quickly noticed!

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So, what is damaging your edges?

You might have noticed that your hairline isn’t as good as it used to be. These are some of the reasons why.


1. Very Tight Braids

We know… We know… Braids are pretty hot. However, you have to be careful the next time you visit your stylist to get your hair done.

Sure, salon gossip is fun and all, but you have to pay attention to how your stylist is doing your braids. Honestly, we’d recommend against braids if you’re already struggling with damaged or dying edges. Braids exert a lot of tension on the already fine and fragile edge hairs. The more they’re pulled, the more the follicles are damaged.

If you’re not careful, your edges will be permanently damaged.


2. Protective styles

Braids aren’t the only styles you should be wary about.

Other protective styles like fab twists, weaves, wigs, and mountainous ponytails are also damaging your edges. It only gets worse if you wear them for extended periods. Again, these hairstyles pull on your edges to the point of inflammation. 

Hair follicle inflammation is usually followed up by hair loss. Some hair experts advise people to wear them for not more than a month. Some say 2 weeks max. We’d advise you to stay clear of these hairstyles. 2020 is the decade of natural hair and natural hair care products. Wear your hair with pride!

If you have to, let your stylist know that they should be loose and not painful.


3. Wrong Ingredients and Overuse of Edge Control Treatments

We know there are a lot of hair care products promising results in a few weeks. You need to be smart. Most of these chemicals aren’t backed by scientific proof.

Go for hair care products with ingredients that specifically moisturize and boost hair growth. They need to possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will clear bacteria from hair follicles.

Here are some natural hair care ingredients you should be on the lookout for:

  • Black castor oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Peppermint oil

You can even try mixing them to further enhance their properties. But first, do a spot test to see if you’ll experience an allergic reaction.



How to get your edges back and keep them healthy

Spoiler Alert!These aren’t quick fixes. You’ll have to be patient and stick to the plan if you want to see results. It will take some time for your edges to go back to their former glory. Especially if they’ve experienced years and years of damage.

Tractionalopecia is usually the reason your edges are pulled back and damaged. It refers to hair loss caused by extreme manipulation of hair. It can be pulling or tugging done in the name of styling. 


1. Be extra careful with your hair care routine - Condition and Moisturize

You need to add a bit more effort and pay more attention to your edges. Do you have to buy special "edge conditioners"? 

A big NO! Your regular everyday conditioner and moisturizer should do the trick. Just apply your conditioner on your hairline and let it sit for some time. The application is what matters. Cut down on all other hair chemicals and focus on moisturizing your hair. Water-based conditioners are best suited for repairing damaged edges.

Also, regularly massage your scalp with an oil or serum to increase blood circulation and to hydrate your hairline.


2. Abandon aggressive protective hair styles

Although these hairstyles are meant to protect your hair from frequent manipulation, they're doing more harm than good. Immediately remove your braids if they feel heavy or are causing you a lot of pain (just imagine the tension your hairline is experiencing).

Stick to natural hairstyles that not only look good, but also give your hair the space to breathe and grow.


3. Know exactly why your edges are damaged

Don't just assume that your hairstyles and hair care routine are the reasons your edges are pulled back and damaged.

There is a genetic condition calledAndrogenicAlopecia. It’s best to visit a certified dermatologist or trichologist and get to the root of the problem.


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