Hair Tips

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  • All About Hair Growth

    There really is no such thing as instant hair growth. Your hair will not just grow 6 inches overnight regardless of how much rice water you dip it in. What you can do however is to take steps towards improving your diet and caring for your hair. These will set you on the right track to growing long and healthy hair.
  • Why Aloe Vera Is Good For You And Your Hair

    Aloe vera has unlimited benefits and it serves many purposes from nourishing to strengthening hair. The best part is, you can either decide to grow the plant in your home and use the gel straight from the source or use our products that have already been formulated with aloe vera juice.

  • 12 Best Back To School Hairstyles

    One of the best things about our hair is the ability to transform looks from something boring to something totally unique and cool. Braids and black hairstyles are becoming more and more trendy and black girls are at the center of this. We have numerous hairstyles to choose from today that could set you up for a stylish new school year