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Votre panier est vide

août 18, 2020 4 min read

Back to school season is here once again and that means new looks and new hairstyles. Years of pushing boundaries and creating new styles to compliment their hair and personalities, black girls have so many styles to choose from. Black hairstyles of today have taken on new trends and elevated them to create new and fresh looks. 

I remember when I was in school my hair was always the one thing I was worried about. My outfit? Check. My binders? Got them. But my hair always felt out of my control and so I never planned for it. And in our IG-TikTok influencedworldof today, black hairstyleshave taken on new trends and elevatedto more fresh, dope looks.  This has put even more pressure on our youth to come out with whatever new look is up next. 

With the impact of COVIDon in-person attendance however, this school yearmay be the exception for boundary-pushing hairstyles. Asmoststudentsaredoingremote learning,our queenswill be looking for worry-free hairstyles they can rock throughout the year.  And we are here to serve.  

Here is alist ofUhai’sback-to-school natural hairstylesfavorites.  

Tension Free Kinky Twists

A quick and easy hairstyle that protects from the heat and is loose enough to prevent hair pulling. Easing the tension on your hair helps breakage, something your scalp will thank you for. This look is simple but cute and a good way to start off the school year right. 

Shuku with twists 

 A unique and stylish look that can last up to two weeks! This hairstyle is bold and a good way to get noticed on the first day. Plus it's a good protective style!

Bubble Twists
Accessorize these loose braids with some colorful beads and you got an adorable look that is easy on the scalp and easy to maintain. 

Two-strand twists to the side 

This is a great and cute style for girls who are active because it is simple and easy to maintain. 

Fulani Braids 

These braids are quickly becoming the most popular braiding styles even being seen on the red carpet. These braids originated from the Fulani people of West Africa and includes a cornrow braided down the middle of the head, a few cornrows braided in the opposite direction with a braid wrapped around the hairline and even accessories like beads or jewels. Fulani braids can be worn short or long and are an amazing protective style for the heat. 

Braided Mohawk 

Didn’t you know mohawks never left? For the girls with strong personalities who like to stand out this is the ideal look. Mohawks are not only fun to wear but the braids also can last for weeks. Mohawks on natural hair is so fun and cute, and really allows for a lot of creativity. 

Twisted Up-Bun 

Modern up-bun that is elevated by mixing some texture with two-strands twists or simple braids added to the look. This twisted updo is great for natural hair because it gives you a formal look while protecting the hair from heat damage and over-styling. 

Afro Bubble Side Ponytail 

At sometime the afro-bubble ponytail made a comeback and since then there have been several updates. This playful hairstyle adds a twist to a multi-section ponytail for a look that is both fun and protective. Just add some beads and hair clips and you can make this look your own. 

Circular cornrows with topknot 

Circular cornrows are shaped into a knot and styled at the top of the head for a cute style that helps with hair growth.

Side Cornrows and kinky twists 

A beautiful side-swept hairstyle that begins with cornrowing at the side and completing them with kinky twists. 

Black Criss-Cross Updo 

A classy messy bun with a “twist”! Great for girls who are on the go because its cute and out of the way so you don’t have to worry about it.

Slick Flat Twist Bun 

This back to school hairstyle is a flat, twisted low-bun that is easy and fun for any day. Good news, this is also a protective style that is easy to maintain. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, anyone can rock these twists. 


One of the best things about our hair is the ability to transform looks from something boring to something totally unique and cool. Braids and black hairstyles are becoming more and more trendy and black girls are at the center of this. We have numerous hairstyles to choose from today that could set you up for a stylish new school year. 

We love these looks on our girls because they are not only playful and trendy - but they celebrate her natural texture!!! To keep her hair healthy, use our Styling Cream while styling to keep her hair hydrated and seal in moisture with our Oil Blend.  If you need to slick down those edges, you must use our Edge Gel - it is infused with castor and baobab oil to keep that hairline healthy and laid.  And don’t forget to moisturize daily! Create a spritz with water and our Oil Blend so that her hair stays hydrated and moisture is sealed in.  

Have an amazing school year!

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