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février 18, 2020 3 min read

The Relationship Between Healthy Hair and A Healthy Body

Is your hair trying to tell you something? Is there a relationship between healthy hair and a healthy body?

We've heard men and women complaining that expensive hair care products aren't delivering the results they hoped for. Not for the lack of trying. But then, what’s the problem? Are they doomed to live with bad hair forever?

As usual, we dug deep and tried solving this mystery.

Yes, there is a relationship between healthy hair and a healthy body. Allow us to explain.

Unknown to many, the human body functions like a unit. A small defect or deficiency in one area creates a ripple effect that affects other parts of your body. It sounds crazy, but your stomach’s well-being can affect the quality of your hair.

Common Hair Disasters And The Messages Behind Them

Sometimes the most expensive hair care products aren’t the solutions to that hair defect you’ve been battling for a long time now.

Take a different approach and try listening to your body for a change.

1. Hair Loss

Yikes! Nothing is as scary as putting your fingers in your hair and coming out with a heap of hair. In as much as it is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day, a handful of hair is a little too much. Instead of paying for those ‘magical’ hair care products, listen to your body. Excessive hair loss might be a sign that is something is wrong with your thyroid gland.


The thyroid gland is responsible for producing the endocrine hormone that regulates metabolic processes such as menstrual cycles, heart rate, and even your body temperature.

Loss of hair coupled with other symptoms like sudden weight gain, depression, and difficulties in seeing, might be a sign that your thyroid gland is malfunctioning or overworking.


2. Dull, Thin, and Brittle Hair

Another dreaded but common problem. Is your hair dull and easily breakable? Then listen up. 

Your body is trying to warn you of a protein and iron deficiency.

Your hair is mainly made up of keratin (a protein). Failure to supply your body with enough protein, and it will be forced to cut off keratin supply to your hair. The result is weak and easily breakable hair. It's only a matter on time before other complications crop up.

Iron is another mineral that allows your blood to carry enough oxygen. Your hair needs to breathe! Lack of enough iron in the body causes oxygen deficiency that results in dull ugly hair.


3. Premature Grayness

We stumbled upon gray hair as we sought the relationship between healthy hair and a healthy body. No one is complaining about growing old. However, we have to at least age gracefully.

In most cases, gray hair is genetic and here is the specific gene behind this phenomenon.

However, premature gray hair might be a sign that your body is lacking copper or is undergoing an unpleasant experience. If this is the case, no amount of dyeing will solve the problem and it’s only a matter of time before it manifests itself in other ways.

Eat foods rich in copper like seaweed and mushrooms to hit your daily copper requirement.


4. Stress: The Silent Hair Killer

Stress is another reason why your head is getting prematurely covered with grey hair or falling out. Take it easy and take some time off the daily grind. Some meditation might help.

Stress steals your happiness along with your hair.


Many people are surprised to find out that stress is the villain behind hair loss, dry itchy scalp, and even eczema. (No wonder those expensive hair care products aren’t working as efficiently as they’re supposed to.)

One moment you’re healed, and the next day you’re back to your stress-filled lifestyle. Not only that, but stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits that deprive your body of much-needed minerals and vitamins.

Some binge on unhealthy fast foods as a coping mechanism instead of feeding on vegetables and fruits that provide your body with iron, proteins, vitamins, and other important minerals. In as much as stress is almost inevitable in our daily lives, it’s up to us to come up with ways to manage it. Yoga and meditation are examples of home-made stress remedies.

If it is too much to handle, make an appointment with your therapist.

It is interesting how quickly we resort to chemicals and drugs to solve our hair-day problems, when in fact the answers lie within us. Some of these problems would be solved or even avoided if we paid more attention to the relationship between healthy hair and a healthy body. 

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