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Votre panier est vide

octobre 22, 2020 3 min read 1 Commentaire

All curly-haired girls have different experiences when it comes to wash day. For some, it’s an absolute struggle, others see it as enjoyable and some people just find it manageable. However, washing your hair should be something that everyone with natural hair looks forward to. This is why we are going to give you some tips and hacks that can reduce the usual stress of wash day.

Detangle hair with your fingers

Finger-detangling is a very good trick to use as this helps to reduce the rate at which hair breaks while you’re preparing for washing. 

  • Fingers can be used to separate large knots in your hair which are almost always present when taking out cornrows or other forms of protective styles. 
  • And this does not mean that only fingers should be used, you can also make use of combs after you have separated the stubborn knots in your hair. 
  • The main idea is to start with fingers and then continue with tools such as wide-toothed combs.

Use oil as a pre-poo treatment

Applying essential oils before washing your hair can be very beneficial. Using them on the mid-sections and ends can work to soften and nourish your hair while protecting your hair strands. 

  • A great example of one you can use is theUhai oil blend. You can apply this oil with your hands, massage into your scalp, and leave on for 20 to 25 minutes as a hair mask. 
  • Afterward,shampoo andcondition your hair as you normally would. 
  • The after-effect is softer hair that prevents shampoos from stripping all the natural oils in your hair. 

Parting your hair into sections using hair clips

If you have ever tried to shampoo your hair all at once during wash day, then you know that it can be very difficult trying to get to every inch of your scalp without feeling frustrated. 

  • So we are going to give you a nice little hack and that is parting your hair into sections. 
  • You can divide your hair into smaller sections of 4 so that it makes it easier for you to focus on one part at a time. 
  • Also, using clips instead of plaits makes it easy for the sections to stay parted as plaits can easily unravel in the process of washing other parts of your hair.

Use lukewarm water when washing hair

Some people have this practice of using hot water when washing their hair. 

  • But you have to remember, you liking it hot does not mean that the same thing goes for your hair. 
  • Yes, it is good to use warm water to get rid of any excess dirt in your hair but the water should be warm or lukewarm, not hot.
  • Using hot water strips your hair of its oils and quite frankly, can leave you with a dehydrated scalp. 

An extra tip is that cold water is actually amazing for keeping your scalp hydrated so the ultimate trick would be toshampoo andcondition your hair with warm or lukewarm water and then rinse out the conditioner with cold water so that your hair can retain moisture and hydration.

These tips and tricks have been used by people all over the world looking to make wash day an enjoyable experience. So, say goodbye to all the tangles and broken combs because you now have genius hacks to help you get past them.

How about you? Do you have any go-to tips for Wash day? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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Ivy Baker
Ivy Baker

janvier 26, 2021

I feel like I haven’t been very good at washing my hair lately. Thanks for explaining that I will want to consider sectioning my hair out for washing. That is something I totally wouldn’t have thought about doing that. I should probably also talk to a hairdresser about products I should use to get a deep clean and remove a lot of oil.

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