Our Story

My name is Susan Edwards and I founded Uhai with my husband Varsay Sirleaf. I am a Chicago south sider by origin, but have had the opportunity to live on the African continent - in both Kenya and Liberia - for eight years. I gained a second home there and what I miss the most is the women in my husband's family. The way my aunties can command a room upon entering is unparalleled - their confidence and self worth have not been defined by western standards like my own.


Uhai is my love letter to the continent and these women. As a former chemical engineer, I love developing products that showcase the powerful botanics sourced from the continent. But most importantly, I want our products to give you the confidence to walk AND live unabashedly like my aunties.


Welcome to the Uhai Tribe.



May 2017: Launch in Monrovia, Liberia - our home base.


July 2018: Launch in Accra, Ghana.


April 2019: Featured in Essence Magazine as Black-owned brand they love!


August 2019: Launch in US at the African Festival of the Arts in Chicago.


February 2020: Featured in Allure Magazine as a Black-owned beauty brand worth getting into. 


April 2020: Launch in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire and Nairobi, Kenya.