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Votre panier est vide

août 28, 2020 3 min read


If you are reading this, chances are you are probably looking for better ways to grow your hair and I am happy to let you know that you are in the right place. There are so many myths and false claims that people believe all in a bid to grow their hair and most of the time, these do not even work. You have to understand how hair grows so you do not go expecting your hair to grow 6 inches overnight.

How does hair even grow?

  • Hair starts growing from a root which is located at the base of the follicle.
  • The root consists of cells which contain protein 
  • Blood moves from the blood vessels in your scalp to feed the root which forms more cells 
  • As the root forms more cells, your hair grows.

The average person’s hair grows ½ an inch each month which sums up to 6 inches of growth per year. Although genetics also play a part in helping hair grow faster, it is highly unlikely for anyone’s hair to grow over 12 inches in a year. 

Common myths on how to grow hair:

Dirty hair grows faster:Some believe that washing their hair less frequently helps it to grow and they could not be more wrong. Dirty hair leads to your scalp clogging the follicles and the irony is, this can even cause hair to stop growing.

Cutting your hair makes it grow: You have probably heard people say trimming hair every 2 weeks makes it grow faster. Sorry to disappoint you but it does not. Hair grows from the roots and trimming your ends will do little to nothing for your hair growth. Trimming your hair regularly helps to keep you from having split ends and it makes your hair appear fuller. Sadly, it does not affect how fast your hair grows. 

So, what actually helps hair grow?

Some tips which are useful for growing long and healthy hair are:

Paying attention to your scalp:Blood vessels in your scalp are what feeds the root of your hair. So, if you are serious about growing your hair, then it is important to invest time into taking care of your scalp. Make sure to spend some time massaging your scalp, it could be with a scalp oil or serum which will help increase circulation.

Healthy body equals healthy hair

Most of the time, our diet and lifestyle have a way of showing in the way our hair grows. Restrictive diets deprive us of good nutrients and the body needs protein to grow. Meals that are not well-balanced with protein cause a reduction in hair growth and this can lead to the shedding of hair.

Limit the use of heat 

The heat from styling tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers can also cause significant breakage in your hair. If possible, opt to air dry your hair when you can and reduce the number of times your hair comes in contact with heat.

There really is no such thing as instant hair growth. Your hair will not just grow 6 inches overnight regardless of how much rice water you dip it in. What you can do however is to take steps towards improving your diet and caring for your hair. Buy and use products that support a healthy hair and scalp, prioritizing moisture and natural ingredients. These will set you on the right track to growing long and healthy hair.

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