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Edge Gel

My Hair FINALLY 'obeyed' and did the slick down ponytail all the way to the back! Used by @uhaihair edge control for my 2 by 4 edges but looook!! Woke up with the nappiest of hairs, took my spray bottle to spritz and pull back with a hair brush with little to no gel action and I got the surprise of my life, IT WORKED!!!

Akosua Tintin @passiboo
Scalp Serum

I love the scalp treatment. It makes my hair feel so soft. I also love the hair oil and it smells great.

Wilhemina Tyler @tylerfam
Styling Cream

Twist out using @Uhaihair Styling Cream. My hair loves this product and it smells great!

LaTrice Davis @elledavisspeaks
Oil Blend

I decided to pay some attention to my scalp in particularly so my best choice here is @uhaihair Scalp Serum and Oil Blend. They have an amazing smell and they moisturize your scalp.

Prisca Woedem Abodakpi

I'm a big fan of the conditioner. I love how soft it leaves my hair, and it smells delightful.

Kim McClure @kizziemc

Who We Are

Uhai combines the best product technology from the western world with natural superfoods from the African continent to deliver solutions that REVIVE your hair. Our products are cruelty-free, vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum.

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