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Votre panier est vide

avril 10, 2021 3 min read

Since the start of the DIY era, more and more people have stopped making trips to the dermatologist’s office and instead turned to online Do-It-Yourself measures on Google and YouTube. Now there is nothing wrong with learning from YouTube and the likes, but you should also supplement that with a regular visit to the dermatologist’s office to make sure you have all bases covered.

And even if you might not be able to make the trip regularly, it is always great to incorporate tips and advice from dermatologists into your hair and scalp routine. Let’s look at some of these tips that can be applied in our scalp and hair routine to promote a healthy scalp.


When it comes to cleansing, I am sure we are all familiar with the regular routine of shampooing and conditioning but here are a few tips by theAmerican Academy of Dermatology that can do your hair some good: 

  • How much you wash: Washing your hair every 1-2 weeks (preferably 1 depending on what hairstyle you have on)
  • Giving it some R&R: Take time to massage your scalp, using ascalp serum, as a way to promote circulation. 


Many people tend to overlook scalp exfoliation as it is not a really common practice but what they do not know is that this actually has a lot of benefits for the hair. Some tips to take note of when exfoliating are:

  • Be gentle with your hair: Remember that even though you lather both hair and scalp, it is mostly your scalp that needs washing so try not to tug tightly on your hair strands.
  • Try using a scalp scrub:In an article titled “Everything You Need to Know About Exfoliation for Your Scalp”,Healthline recommends using scalp exfoliating scrubs no more than once or twice a week so the scalp doesn’t over-produce oil.



Some of the tips given by dermatologists in the styling category are:

  • Avoiding tight hairstyles that can cause scalp irritation and/or hair loss: It is very important to take note of the way you style your hair and even if you are not styling your hair by yourself, always make sure to mention it to your hairstylist so they do not inadvertently damage your scalp or cause you to lose some hair.
  • Use a bonnet to sleep at night:Hair bonnets help to reduce friction and retain the moisture in your hair while you sleep. Especially if you tend to apply hair products right before bed, you definitely will not want to wake up the next morning to find your pillow soaked with all the oil and nutrients that should be in your hair.Wellandgoodalso advises in their article “One Derm’s Secret Weapon to Fighting Acne? Sleep With Your Hair Up”, that sleeping with one’s hair up can contribute to stopping acne.

Some additional ways to include a dermatologist in your hair and scalp routine are:

  • Using dermatologist-recommended products.
  • Keeping up with updates on their websites, blog posts, or social media.
  • If you notice any strange developments in your hair or scalp, pay a visit to the dermatologist.
  • Go for periodic check-ups even if nothing seems wrong with your hair or scalp.

  • As you can see, it's beneficial to include a dermatologist in your hair and scalp routine in order to keep it healthy. Do you follow the advice of dermatologists when it relates to your hair and scalp? Let us know in the comments!

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