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August 27, 2021 5 min read

As a #naturalista, choosing the right products for your hair can seem like a daunting affair. There are just so many shampoos,conditioners, and creams in the market, so it can be somewhat difficult to select a combination that works best with your unique hair type. 

What works for one hair type may not always work for another, so you need to dedicate time and effort into finding your winning combination of hair products. To help you do that, here are some tips you’ll find useful when trying to pick the right products for your natural hair. 


Discover your hair type/porosity

The first thing you want to do before shopping for natural hair products is to discover your hair type. This will help you know what kind of products will work best for your hair. According to StyleCraze, we havedifferent hair types ranging from thin to medium and thick density. Not all products can be used for any hair type, so you have to determine what kind of hair you have before spending money on different hair products.

Hair porosity, on the other hand, is the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture. If you have low porosity hair, it means it’s more difficult to get moisture into your hair, and so you will want to opt for moisturizing and light products.

As for people with high porosity hair that easily absorbs moisture, they’ll want to settle for a protein-rich product as their hair is prone to drying out easily. Identifying your hair porosity level is definitely something you want to keep in mind as some hair brands have different products specially created for each porosity type.


Consider your hair needs

Hair products are formulated to meet different hair needs, so you want to consider the specific requirements for your hair so you can pick the right products. If you are looking for new hair products because you have been experiencing split ends and breakage, your needs will differ from those who need good moisturizing hair products to deal with dry and stiff hair.


Develop a hair regimen

This is very key. As naturals, we might be tempted to follow the latest trending hair products because of the hype around them. But by developing a hair regimen, you’ll be able to pick products based on what your hair actually needs and follow a routine that can help grow and maintain your hair. 

A good hair regimen consists of a set of products, and a routine followed religiously and consistently to keep your hair healthy. While it may be similar to that of others, your hair regimen is unique to you and can be adjusted as time goes and you discover what is best for your hair.

Generally, an ideal hair routine should involve steps like shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, detangling, moisturizing, sealing, and styling. Not only does having a regimen make it easy to handle your hair, but it also saves you money since you already know what kind of products you truly need. 


Consider climatic conditions 

This is an essential factor that you absolutely cannot ignore. In their article onHow Weather Affects Your Hair and Scalp,”Pro|Gen Active Care tells us that our hair and hair products react uniquely when exposed to different weather conditions. 

For example, if you are in a region where there is extreme heat from the sun, it means your hair will be prone to dryness and unable to retain moisture for long. So, when shopping for hair products, you want to keep that in mind and focus on products that moisturize while also protecting your hair from the UV rays of the sun. 

And for someone in a humid environment, you will be prone to excess moisture and frizz, so it would make more sense to opt for humidity sprays and anti-frizz products that have been specially formulated to keep the strands smooth and eliminate frizz. 


Research hair ingredients

Now before you opt for any product, you need to research their ingredients.Allurementions how important it is for you to always read the ingredients list. Those items will determine the effectiveness of your hair products, so you want to do your research first. Many hair products contain artificial chemicals that dry out your hair and irritate your scalp, so you must arm yourself with enough information to avoid harmful ingredients.    

A good natural hair product should contain vitamins, a great moisturizing element, and antifungal agents. Other ingredients that should also be included are avocado oil for hydration and protection, coconut oil for moisturizing and preventing hair damage, argan oil for reducing dryness and preventing protein loss, and tea tree oil for its antifungal properties, among others.



Consider your budget

We definitely won't leave this one out. For many people, picking the right products can be hard work because they are on a tight budget. However, you don't need to buy out the entire beauty supply store to find the products you want.

Every natural-haired person needs ashampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and hair sealant. Once you have these products, you’re off to a great start.  Also, before investing your money in any product, you might want to test it out first, which brings us to our last point. 


Try out samples and see what works

You may have to test a lot of samples before finding what works for you. When you try out a product sample, you want to monitor its reaction to your hair to see if you can add it to your regimen. You can also read reviews online to see the experiences of other customers before investing your money. 

At the end of the day, picking the right product for your natural hair requires a lot of trial and error. So, don't be afraid to keep trying until you find the best products that can help you maintain stronger and healthier hair.


About Uhai

Uhai Hair is a line of versatile haircare products infused with high quality African ingredients such as superfood baobab, coconut oil and shea butter and designed to revive the hair and scalp.  The products are award winning(the Oil Blend won the Allure Best in Beauty Award) and have received recognition from Beauty Editors from leading publications including Allure,Marie Claire,Cosmopolitan,the LA Times,Harper’s Bazaar etc. Uhai Hair is available globally in Liberia, Kenya, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and the U.S.  

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