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Votre panier est vide

mai 15, 2020 2 min read

An act of self care is keeping your natural hair healthy and hydrated.


We'd like to offer you some simple tips on how to improve your hair's health so that breakage and dryness don't harm your hair any further. 

    1. Hydrate and moisturize daily. Women come to us all the time sharing that their hair is breaking. The first question we always ask is do you moisturize daily. Many times, the answer is no. With natural hair, water is your friend. Using water-based moisturizers and styling creams will ensure your hair is getting hydrated. You can use an oil after styling to lock in that moisture.
    2. Wash your hair weekly and deep condition. We hear you, wash day can be drag. But product build up on the hair can block much needed moisture. We recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo, like ours, to ensure your hair isn't stripped of its natural oils while it is cleansed. Make sure to always condition the hair afterwards and use a deep conditioner for an extra boost of moisture.
    3. Detangle when wet using fingers or a wide tooth comb. Why anyone would try to use a fine tooth comb on natural hair is beyond us. But we've seen it in some natural hair salons. The best time to detangle your hair is after you've applied your conditioner. Work it into the hair with your hands as you detangle. If you prefer to use a comb, we recommend a wide tooth comb or brush.
    4. Massage your scalp regularly. It is easy to forget about the scalp. But a healthy scalp can give you healthy hair. Massage your scalp regularly with our Scalp Serum to increase blood circulation
    5. Give your hair a break. One area that women are always focused on is their edges. When you wear styles constantly that pull on your hairline like braids or tight buns, you can put stress on those baby hairs. Give your hair a break regularly to let those edges rest.




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