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May 24, 2019 1 min read

Every Black girl in the US grows up on Essence. It is your go-to-guide for the latest hairstyles, makeup trends and fashion as well as a platform that focuses on issues affecting Black women.

So to receive an email from Julee Wilson, the Global Beauty Director at Essence (follow her NOW at @missjulee), with a picture of our product featured in their pages was overwhelming. It LITERALLY brought tears to my eyes to see Uhai amongst other emerging Black-owned brands who we admire and root for.

So thank you Essence! Thank you for celebrating Black women and promoting Black-owned businesses. And thank you to our team and ambassadors in Liberia, Ghana and now the US(!!!) for all that you do for Uhai.

PS. I’d also like to add how dope it was to be featured in the issue that had Issa Rae on the cover! #chocolatecardinal

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