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black history month

  • Taking Care of Your Natural Hair

    We'd like to offer you some simple tips on how to improve your hair's health so that breakage and dryness don't harm your hair any further.ย 
  • Let's Learn from Liberia

    We've seen what a virus can do to a country. Liberia defeated the Ebola crisis, but we took the necessary measures to flatten the curve.ย  We highly encourage our Tribe to learn from our loss to keep your loved ones healthy. ย  We also want to share with you what we are doing to ensure our work for...
  • How You Damage Your Edges: Get Back and Maintain Healthy Edges

    Unfortunately, most women are quick to sign up for unhealthy hair care routines and hairstyles that are doing more harm than good to their edges. You might not be a huge fan of baby hair, but it's still important to know how you might be damaging your hairline. Remember, whatever happens to your hairline is quickly noticed!