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black history month

  • Beautiful African Hairstyles And Traditional Hair Care

    Across Sub-Saharan Africa, hair was - and still is - a big deal. Your hair symbolized your social status, your beliefs and even in some cases, your tribe. Even more important are the traditional ingredients and natural substances found on the Continent that attribute to creating these hair identities. We’ll be introducing you to some of the popular and natural hairstyles from all over Africa. In addition to that, we’ll learn more about the traditional ingredients behind these beautiful styles.

  • The Juneteenth Holiday

    The Juneteenth Holiday   Now is the time to fight against the rampant racial injustice in the United States. Let George Floyd be the last of our people to go through such horror. In all honesty, this just has to stop. Black people in not only the United States, but globally need to be given the t...
  • Baobab: “The Tree of Life” and Its Benefits on Hair and Body

    Today we have something very special to share with you. We are focusing on Africa’s powerful Baobab Tree - The Tree of Life! It is also the major ingredient for our products (Come on, check them out - you know you want to). With over 500 uses, it's believed that the Baobab Tree is a gift from the...