At The Root

black history month

  • We Pay It Forward

    Most businesses have been affected by the pandemic and have had to adjust to a new normal and Uhai Hair is not exempted from this. However, the company is all too aware of the struggles being faced in the black community and cannot shy away from its commitment to helping and growing the black community, even more so in these times of uncertainty.

    “We believe that the way to move the black community forward is by supporting each other in any way that we can”— Susan Edwards, Founder

  • 12 Best Back To School Hairstyles

    One of the best things about our hair is the ability to transform looks from something boring to something totally unique and cool. Braids and black hairstyles are becoming more and more trendy and black girls are at the center of this. We have numerous hairstyles to choose from today that could set you up for a stylish new school year
  • Beautiful African Hairstyles And Traditional Hair Care

    Across Sub-Saharan Africa, hair was - and still is - a big deal. Your hair symbolized your social status, your beliefs and even in some cases, your tribe. Even more important are the traditional ingredients and natural substances found on the Continent that attribute to creating these hair identities. We’ll be introducing you to some of the popular and natural hairstyles from all over Africa. In addition to that, we’ll learn more about the traditional ingredients behind these beautiful styles.